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Second Chances Pt. 3
Rue left the man to sleep where he was as she turned back to the kettle, the smell of the soup boiling within enticing to her senses as she struck up another note, humming a song from her childhood unconsciously. A part of her was worried for him, knowing that his wounds had been severe and that the Vision Dust was known to be harmful to Hume. The fact that his deliriousness had lingered even now, a full two days after she'd carried him from the forest, was more then enough of a reason for her to be a little concern. The fact that he had woken up at all, though, had eased her tension the moment she'd seen him sitting up in bed.
The worries of his health, however, were nothing compared to the worries she had of the other Viera, and even as she stirred the food, she found herself glancing out the window, searching the pathways for the curious, suspicious faces she knew would be lurking nearby. She'd had more visitors then she would have liked in the past two days, Viera coming from all o
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Second Chances Pt. 2
The first thing that hit his ears as he slowly rose to consciousness was what sounded like boiling water from not far away.  And then it was the sound of birds chirping, and of leaves rustling, and he began to feel the warmth of the sun no his skin and smell the faint odor of...something...well, something that smelled absolutely delicious to someone who hadn't eaten in days.
Next came the realization that he was laying on something warm and soft, that what had at first seemed like rough, jagged stones or sticks underneath him was simply the sensation of a mattress pressing against the fresh wounds on his back.  He gave a soft, uncomfortable grunt as he shifted gently on the bed, his breath drawing in a gentle, uneasy gasp as each movement seemed to burn for an instant before settling back down to a more manageable level.  Everything came slowly, as if still in a haze, and after another moment, as he did his best to rest for a moment before moving again, to
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Second Chances Pt. 1
In the Farplane, time had passed indeterminately.  He had no recollection of days, of months or years.  There was hardly even a recollection of self.  Simply a sense of peace that had permeated everything, flashes of imagery that passed through the ethereal mind, some his, some belonging to others.  It had been a marvelous release, like being free in the most basic sense of the word.  It was something that had been a long-time in coming for him, had been well overdue when he'd finally been sent to his final rest, but it had been marvelous nonetheless.
Now, though, all he felt was weakness, hunger and - whether he admitted to it or not - a small level of fear.  Where once there had been peace and silence and an unending sense of timelessness, now there was worry and stress, and minutes, days and weeks that seemed to drag on forever and ever as he made his way through the forest, lost, alone, confused.  The dense jungl
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Twinspark Prologue
The battle should have gone smoothly. It had been planned with every last detail laid out in exacting detail, as was every battle Prowl planned. With escape plans and escape routes, with no foreseeable contingency left unaccounted for. But none of them could have ever expected Devestator, the five Constructicons combined into one entity, to have arrived on Earth. His appearance caused a ripple of surprise to roll through the Autobot ranks, and they scattered, retreating to safer distances, hoping to regroup for a better attack. Even so, it was obvious even as Prowl wired for backup, that some of the Bots either were trapped on the wrong side of the combined, hulking mass of the five Decepticons, or were reluctant to give up just yet. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were, unfortunately, a mix of both.
Separated from one another, their immediate responses were to distract Devestator from one another, playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse back and forth in an attempt to give the yellow Twin
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Strawberry Pound Cake
The sound of happy, contented chatter echoed through the halls as Brooke walked, her arm wrapped gently around Faust’s shoulder, talking cheerfully to him as beside her, the youngling nibbled away at a large, fluffy piece of strawberry-flavored, pink pound cake she’d brought him from the outside world.  His face was alight with a pleasant smile, his cheeks flushed with his barely-hidden glee at the delicious treat his motherly figure had blessed him with, and it wasn’t long before he was scarfing down the last crumbs of cake, licking the last traces off of his fingers.  It was a sight that Brooke couldn’t help but find more then just a little adorable, the adoration she felt for the young hybrid fluttering in her chest.  There were times when she found her own subtle sadness over her inability to bear children of her own cured by the sweet, naïve young creature she’d helped bring into creation, helped to teach and nurture into
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Marvel comics

Thu Jun 17, 2010, 4:57 AM

.: Purple Lights

You know, I used to be a huge fan of Marvel comics.  Ever since I was 8 years old, I've been a huge fan of the X-men, and as I got older, I kept finding more and more of their comics that interested me, even though I took a few years off from reading them when I was a teenager.

That being said, I feel that at this point in my life, there's only one thing I can say about Marvel comics:  Fuck.  You.

I tried to give them a chance.  After I rediscovered my love of the media in High School and began reading comic books again, I really did like some of the things they were doing.  Some things confused me, but all in all, a lot of things were fun.

But the more I read, and the more time went on, the more I realized that Marvel seemed to be really screwing their shit up.  It started with the way they treated the character development for some of my favorites.  Nightcrawler in particular.  I didn't mind him being a priest as much as I hated the way they sucked all of the fun out of him and decided to make him mopey and cranky and very unfun.  It was completely unlike him.  And then, the way they seemed so intent on making Scott and Jean their golden children grated on my nerves.  I know they've always been the company's favorite mutants, but honestly, I can't stand them.  Nothing about them is redeeming to me, and I wouldn't mind if they dropped out of the comics forever.  When Jean died and Scott started sleeping with Emma Frost - whom I hated possibly even more then Jean Grey - I wanted to puke.

The way they changed Beast wasn't amusing to me in the least.  Coming from someone who has borderline furry tendencies, Kitty!Beast is just ridiculous.  Then came Kurt's "demonic" background - full of confusing backstory about mutants that look like demons and mutants that look like angels fighting in some other dimension and his father being a stereotypical devil who knocked up Mystique just so he could have another illegitimate child to open the portal to his world later in life.  It was too cliche and so unoriginal, and I was furious that they were actually taking the Elf in such a blatently stereotypical way.

I finally stopped reading it because the art they were using was possibly the worst I'd ever seen.  I'm not going to say I could have done better, though there are times I knew better about how to draw figures then some of their artists (How many people have ever seen an animal's tail bend in 2 90degree angles naturally, for instance?)  Even so, when it looked like so much of a train wreck that I couldn't enjoy it anymore, I just stopped.

I heard a little later about how they had taken my first love of comic books, Gambit, and turned him into a super evil, super crazy villain.  I was disgusted.  I was furious.  I wanted to strangle something.  Even though I didn't read comics anymore, I was still infuriated that they would change a character up so badly that he was no longer the character he was supposed to be.  They obviously knew nothing of the character's personality, or they would have known that he wouldn't do the things they'd had him do.

Then I heard about how they'd changed Wolverine's character.  Not the Origins story, with James Howlett and his childhood.  That was fine.  No, what really bugged me was the later changes:  How he was an emo whiner who banged everything that walked and had illegitimate children coming out of his ears.  Or how his illegitimate half-Japanese son was such a gigantic TOOL that I wanted to gouge out the eyes of whoever created him.

Then I heard about Utopia, and M-day, and Hope, and the complete retconning of Bishop's entire storyline just to have a reason for killing him off, and the massive nerd-boner Marvel was having nonstop for Emma Frost, Scott Summers, and Mini-Jean-Hope.  And how they decided that killing of Nightcrawler was a totally awesome idea.  How it was a totally awesome idea to kill off a character every single month just because your sales are suffering and you want to yank your readers' chains around to make them read more to see what asinine way you come up with to bring back their favorite-now-dead character.

And I read about how Marvel is following the Twilight fad and making it's characters into Vampires for no god-damned reason.  And how Scott Summers thinks it's such a wonderful idea to resurrect Count Dracula to try and get him to kill other Vampires - which has already been done before, Marvel, and done much better then you will.  And all of it gives me a massive fucking migraine and makes me want to see every single writer for the company stripped of their jobs and kicked out, and replaced by some of the old guys, who knew what the fuck they were doing.  I know Disney bought you bitches out, but they haven't done a very good job of fixing things yet.  And the fact that I have more faith in Disney to fix it then I do Marvel is really telling you something.

Honestly, the only things I think have actually been any good in the past few years have been House of M, Origins, and Alan Davis' return to the art department.  I just wish I'd given myself a chance to get into Magneto's character BEFORE I saw what a steaming pile of dog shit everything the company is coming out with these days is.  Seriously.  The last thing you did good happened years ago, Marvel, and everything else is ABSOLUTE.  DOG.  SHIT.  I can't emphasize that enough.  There are no words to express the deeply disgusted, fed-up, hateful feelings I have for every single solitary thing they've done to the comics.  There is absolutely nothing redeeming about that company any longer, aside from Alan Davis' periodic additions to the art.  That's it.

So thanks for ruining something that used to be amazing, Marvel.  This is one long-time die-hard fangirl who will honestly never pick up another one of your comics first-hand again.  From now on, the only things I'll touch are old, vintage comics.  You know, back when you wrote GOOD stories.  I'm so utterly, horribly, deeply disgusted with everything you stand for, now.  And I hope your sales drop so hard that your new big owner company feels the need to strip your writing department bare and replace it with people who know how to do their job without it becoming an absolute train wreck.



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